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9002 Latex V Front Briefs

9002 Latex V Front Briefs
9002 Latex V Front Briefs
( 9002 )

Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Quality material that doesn't tear and can be stretched up to 6 times it's normal size.

To obtain a high gloss as shown, don't forget to purchase your latex shine product; 9987 or 9988 spray. Rimba rubber items are packaged with a small amount of talcum powder to prevent the rubber from fusing to itself during storage, providing you with a longer lasting rubber item. The rubber shine products or a water (not oil!) based lubricant will quickly bring back it's beautiful shine.

Rimba's latex does not contain any phthalates! Rimba's latex comes from Rubber trees and the elasticity comes from the unique way that molecules bond during curing. The quality of this latex is the very best available in the world and is also used to make medical instruments. Before opening each barrel the latex is tested by a Dutch government controlled laboratory and the barrel gets a certificate of approval that it can be used to make medical parts.

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